Chiat/Day, Spike Jonze Get Smart for Adidas

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Adidas "Hello Tomorrow"
For the agency's latest effort for Adidas, TBWA/Chiat/Day/San Francisco enlisted director Spike Jonze to create a sublime dream world in a spot that is sure to be a fixture at this season's awards shows. "Hello Tomorrow" -- Jonze's first commercial since directing Ikea's Grand Prix-winning "Lamp" spot -- promotes "the world's first smart shoe," a sneaker with an embedded microchip that adjusts to its owner. In turn, the spot shows a dream-like world that's entirely customizable. "No product has existed like this before. It's sort of like you're creating a whole new world with every step," Chiat/Day ECD Chuck McBride says of the idea behind "Hello Tomorrow," which was influenced by his teenage memories of navigating boats at night. "From there, I had the idea of someone waking up in pitch black, in a floating bed, and having them take their first steps again."

When the spot's protagonist opens his eyes, the shoes tumble magically to his feet (one of Jonze's many touches, according to McBride), and the surfaces they touch become illuminated. After discovering that he can create doors and control the environment, the everyman star goes for a jog through city and forest, escaping a bear by hurdling sideways in a gravity-defying move. At one point -- in a very Being John Malkovich moment -- he uses the shoes to create an inverted sidewalk/escape route just a few feet off the ground. The haunting soundtrack that accompanies the surreal midnight run was created by Jonze's brother Sam Spiegel with vocals by Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman -- and Jonze's reputed gal pal -- Karen O.

The spot is also notable for its lack of star athletes, who have been staples of the "Impossible is Nothing" campaign. McBride says the agency consciously decided not to use a celebrity in order to put forth an everyman philosophy. "In looking at an intelligent product, it's about personalization and the individual," McBride says. "And one of the best ways to express yourself as an individual is through creativity. My hope is that it has a positive message about what the world is about." -Melanie Shortman

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