Coke Taps Real Band for "Real" Campaign

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Coke "First Gig"
Following up on last year's "Summer" campaign -- which featured a series of narrative spots about a group of skateboarders -- Coca-Cola and Berlin Cameron/Red Cell, N.Y., have just released "Girl Band," a docu-style campaign about an all-girl teenage rock group. Like "Summer," the new campaign is a fast-paced, voiceover-driven cruise through the lives of the bandmembers as they write songs, get a gig, shop for clothes, shoot a video and try to let a roadie/admirer down easy.

The effort, directed by Park Pictures' Lance Acord, stars an actual high school rock trio from Ithaca, N.Y., called Kievan Rus. As their site explains, they were still called Kiev during the commercial shoot, but it turns out that name was taken. The track from the spots, "Love is Pain," is an adaptation of a song called "Crushing on Anna" -- a tribute to a former member of the band -- with "Anna" changed to "Danny" and another chorus thrown in. The version in the commercial can be downloaded from Coke's site.

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