Comcast channels its on-demand power

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Comcast "Anthem"
San Francisco's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has rolled out a new campaign introducing a Comcasterrific new cable on-demand channel, Channel 1, with print, TV and web components speaking to the diversity of programming available on the channel. The brand identity push rejiggers Comcast's On Demand Video offerings as another network existing outside of the space/time constraints of conventional broadcasts. The spots, shot by Tool of North America's Geordie Stephens and the Director's Bureau's Roman Coppola, include faux newscasts that praise CSI investigators for their success at crime fighting and Bob the Builder's optimism and tenacity. Coppola's "Anthem" could be a thematic cousin of another Goodby spot for an on-demand service, with characters from the channel coming together to coordinate the network, raising the structures to create "the greatest television channel in the history of the universe—and beyond."

Comcast - 'Channel 1'
Comcast - 'Channel 1'
At users control the idents, bumpers and various spots for the campaign in a network control room interface. Poke around and find a logo customizing section as well as an all-seeing cyclopean logo.
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