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George Wright
George Wright
Not since Dan Ackroyd's Super Bass-O-Matic versed us in the ways of seafood preparation have we been so inspired by a blender. Now, the man behind the Will It Blend? phenomenon, Blendtec marketing director George Wright will grace the stage at the 2007 Idea Conference, blender in hand.

Born from Wright's own curiosity after learning of Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson's habit of testing blender motors and blades by blending blocks of wood, the "Will It Blend?" web campaign has significantly increased sales and made Dickson an online celebrity.

From hockey pucks, to an iPhone to golf balls, Wright has shown the impact a well-executed web campaign can have, not with slick production or smooth adverspeak but simply by tapping into that childhood "let's-just-see-what-happens" fantasy. They've even paid tribute to those that went before by blending a Tilapia fish. "Wow, that's terrific Tilapia!"

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