Creative leaders bare their souls during Advertising Week

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You know their work, but do you know their greatest fears, and who--or what--they'd prefer to shag? Some of the industry's top creative leaders did a little soul-searching during the Advertising Week "Creative Carousel" panel this morning at B.B. King Blues Club in New York's Times Square. Presented by Adobe and hosted by former Naked Communications founding partner, Paul Woolmington, the event submit nine industry leaders to a series of rapid-fire questions probing into their creative, and sometimes personal, lives.

Woolmington, wearing a dandy bowler's cap, spun a virtual "Wheel of Fortune" to determine his targets and pulled inspiration for his questions from British shows like BBC's "Desert Island Discs," Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire and parlor games like Shag It, Marry It or Chuck it off a Cliff. The players included Translation Chief Creative Officer Chris Cereda, Leo Burnett North America Chief Creative officer Susan Credle, Euro RSCG Chief Creative Officer Lee Garfinkel, BFG 9000 Founder/Creative Director Gerry Graf, Taxi CCO Steve Mykolyn, Uniworld Group CCO Quincy Cherry, GSDM ECD Jay Russell, The Vidal Partnership CCO Gustavo Lauria and McCann Erickson N.Y. Executive Creative Director Natalie Lam.

Here, some little known tidbits unearthed during the carousel:

ON WHAT THEY'D TAKE WITH THEM IF STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND (anything from luxury items, to a piece of media):
Chris Cereda, Translation: My assistant
Susan Credle, Leo Burnett: The Bible; "There's some messed up stuff in there, but it has also songs, sex, and principles of living. It lasts a long time."
Lee Garfinkel, Euro RSCG: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest; I love the Jack Nicholson character, he creates his own misery but figures it out.; Breaking Bad, Beatle's White Album; my guitar.
Gerry Graf, BFG 9000: Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Series
Natalie Lam, McCann Erickson: Ikea's $1 Cardboard Camera
Gustavo Lauria, The Vidal Partnership: Nike's "If You Let me Play."

Cereda: Not being inspired anymore.
Credle: That I look back and won't have left behind anything.
Garfield: Not have enough time to do everything
Quincy Cherry, Uniworld: My girlfriend not wanting to sleep with me again; not coming up with the big idea
Jay Russell, GSDM: Getting called out for not knowing what the hell I'm doing.

Graf: My brother; Mark Waites (of Mother)
Lauria: "My father, for his simple way of seeing things. His main values are his family. I love it."
Lam: "Jay-Z. He's probably the most creative person on the earth."

Garfinkel: "It's much more difficult to find talented people these days. I find myself looking outside the usual places. Now I'm looking at journalists for copywriting jobs, sports experts."
Graf: "I always look for people whose thinking I can't figure out. When I can't figure out how they got to an idea, that's exciting to me."

Awards, New Business, or Profits?
New Business: Marry
Shag: Awards. "Awards are overrated. They cloud people's judgment--there's black, yellow, green, gold, silver. We're running out of colors."

Social, Mobile or Advertising?
Social: Shag
Advertising: Marry
Mobile: Chuck off a cliff

Technologists, Social Mavens, or Executive Producers?
Technologists: Shag
Executive Producers: Marry! "They get things done!"

Brazil, China, or India?
Brazil: I'm Argentinian and we hate Brazil, so. . .
China: Marry
India: Shag

Brazil: Shag
China: Marry

Twitter, Facebook, or Google?
Google: Marry and Shag
Twitter/Facebook: Chuck

Google and Facebook: Marry both but don't let them know
Twitter: Shag

Graf: "I already have some of it--Eric [Kallman, ECD], Barney [Robinson, President] Laura [Janness, head of planning]. But also, I'd have Paul English from Kayak as Chief Technology Officer, and Oprah. Then I'd be good."
Mykolyn: David Droga, Nick Law, Nuno Fereira (who's I've worked with before and is now with Susan) and Douglas Coupland the artist.
Cherry: I'd cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and on Flatbush stop the first number of kids, Black, Asian and Hispanic, whatever and just take those kids and make them my dream team.
Lauria: I like the artist Jonathan Harris, who does a good job of mixing ideas with technology; Miranda July, the writer, director and artist.
Lam: Fashion designers and artists from China, someone from Sweden, Bill Cunningham, someone from the Middle East—they have a huge music scene there.
Cereda: Seth Macfarlane, the director Blu, Ben Horowitz, James Brown, Steve Stoute

Lam: Have fun
Lauria: Surround yourself with people better than you.
Russell: Make stuff.
Cherry: Believe in something and follow it.
Mykolyn: Have a passion project.
Graf: I go with Joseph Campbell, follow your bliss.
Garfinkel: The most fun you'll ever have in this business is coming up with good ideas.
Credle: Don't get caught up in the rhetoric. Instead of saying "Where are the women in advertising?" Remove the W and say "Here are the women in advertising." Advertising is dead? Statements like that tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies.
Cereda: Consider everything. Don't make it about advertising, media, this or that. Consider everything that you can possibly think of. The answer is out there.

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