FROM CREATIVITY: Introducing March's 50-strong All-Star Squad

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Creativity's March Issue
Creativity's March Issue
We shouted and harangued and fought, biting and scratching, until a consensus of names emerged—the Creativity 50. As opposed to last year, where we picked beacons of amazingness from the 20-year lifespan of the magazine, this time we looked at the rockers of worlds from 2006, people who drove marketing and commercial culture to places it had only dreamed of reaching.

When the dust settled, and we had done some funny arithmetic, we had individuals and partnerships neatly fitted into 5-0 mold. It wouldn't be so easy to lasso the ideas the group generates—we've got advertising veterans and young marketing mavericks, vloggers, platform genies, web designers, CEOs, directors, gamers and more, all driving toward a common goal—innovation. To bring that innovation to your desktop, download a hi-res version of our cover, illustrated by James Jean. But it's not all-50 in the issue. Read up on the latest techniques in interactive recruiting, Dairy Queen's new logo, Pepsi's can redesign, emerging players in stock photography and a profile of a decidedly non-stock player, director Ulf Johansson. Don't forget to soak up all the blockbuster work in the Creativity Gallery while you flip the pages.
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