Creativity's Creepy Christmas

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'Tis the season for holiday campaigns and greetings, and, along with the usual goodhearted merry-making, there appears to be a decided tilt towards the ghoulish this year. From agency greeting cards that eschew cheer in favor of the weird, to campaigns that serve up the macabre, here is Creativity's look at the best creepy work of the season.

Paranoel Activity
From Ottawa-based Acart Communications comes this holiday card that spins the Santa figure into something decidedly creepier. A boy's parents install video cameras around the house at the behest of the boy, hoping to catch Saint Nick in action. But things quickly take a frightening turn.

Greetings, Cyriak Style
Cyriak, the geometrically twisted animator/director behind mind-tweaking videos like this and this, has just issued this very unique holiday greeting.

Janet Street Porter, Frozen
Continuing the trend in twisted greetings, Lean Mean Fighting Machine mashes up Frozen Planet with U.K. celebrity Janet Street Porter for the tastiest seasonal message ever--Frozen Janet!

Glamour Your Friends
HBO's True Blood and BBDO serve up a fun Facebook app for the holidays. For those not up on the vampiric lingo, to "glamour" is to use vampire abilities to get your victims to do anything you want. The app lets you upload a picture, then choose key attributes to create a video of you (or a baby) "glamouring," complete with Southern drawl.

The Stocking
A new team member of agency Carmichael Lynch began as a friendly, welcome addition. But soon, it started knowing a little too much about everyone.

Creepy Santa
The Dutch Maritime Museum is out to prove that there would no Santa Claus without the involvement of the Dutch people. Somehow, the simple idea takes a twisted turn as a creepy-looking Santa makes his appearance in many-a family photo.

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