Boo! A Halloween Treat from Creativity

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To celebrate the upcoming Halloween festivities, let's take a look back at some of the most terrifying creative feats to grace the halls of Creativity. While humor, drama and sex always prove to be a good draw for consumers, there's no underestimating the power of a good scare when it comes to branding. Horror, too, makes for the most memorable--and shareable of messages--who doesn't want to hear their cubicle neighbor screaming his brains out? Here, a look at some of the more notable recent and classic brand or creatively-driven frightfests. Did we leave any out? Share in the comments section below.

Frightening Fembots
A decidedly scary turn from the British lingerie retailer. Agent Provocateur mixes up sensuality and fear to create a spot that launches the Soiree 2011/2012 collection. Justin Anderson directs.

The Axe Effect
What happens when a hot girl, Axe, zombies and various horror-movie references are put together? BBH readies the brand for Halloween.

Party in The Morgue
Anomaly and Converse's "Rubber Tracks Studio," which fosters budding musical talent, produced "I'm a Goner," directed by Rodney Ascher and featuring Matt & Kim, Andrew W.K. and Soulja Boy, singing their dead hearts out in a morgue. And there's plenty of blood and guts to go around.

Zombies Here, There and Everywhere
Zombies are definitely en vogue, and TBWA/Chiat/Day L.A. is jumping on board. In this new short film that promotes Rezurrection, a game pack that brings zombies into your Call of Duty game, director Rocky Morton walks through what players may have to face when they try to battle zombies in space. Warning: It makes things that much more interesting.

It Could Be You
This mysterious, viral site by Jason Zada hooks up to your Facebook profile and throws out a personalized video. All you can do is gape while a creepy stalker with crazy eyes stalks your Facebook profile, caresses your photos and then drives to your location (or close, at least.) A valuable lesson on privacy or at the very least, a great production.

His Flesh Comes Off
Music and brand again go hand in hand, as Dermablend Pro launches its new campaign along with tattoo artist Zombie Boy.

Welcome to Hotel 626
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and B-Reel's much-celebrated online game drops you into a creepy hotel room in the middle of the night, and it's your task to get out--if the psycho maid or demon baby will let you. The fact that you could only play from 6pm to 6am EST only added to the fear factor. Goodby later followed up with "Asylum 626," which, just like Hotel, linked up to Facebook and Twitter to keep your friends abreast of your movements around a mental ward.

It Was Axed
Horror sells, but so does controversy. This 2000 Nike ad which featured athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton fleeing (because she can!) from an unexpected visitor was pulled by NBC during the Summer Olympics. The network cited "adverse audience reaction."

Sixth Sense
Goodby's award-winning 2003 spot for the California Milk Processor Board directed by Noam Murro featured a boy who could see the future and warn of impending doom. Until he tries to warn birthday party guests of the danger looming ahead.

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