Crispin, Hunter Do Donuts on the Infield

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Burger King - 'The Stuff of Legends'
Burger King - 'The Stuff of Legends'
Drafting Ricky Bobby down the straightaway, Crispin Porter + Bogusky's latest Burger King work taps into NASCAR lore to deliver the untold story of chicken in stock car racing. Directed by HSI's Paul Hunter, who previously worked with Crispin on elements of the Coq Roq campaign, "The Stuff of Legends" profiles Steve Weller, the chicken changer in the BK pit crew. Burger King, along with Domino's Pizza, is a primary sponsor of Michael Waltrip Racing's #00 Toyota Camry, piloted by Bill Elliott. Crispin group creative director Rob Reilly says a lot of the spot's humor was enabled by Waltrip's easygoing manner. "For a sport that is probably the most serious of any sport, [Nascar] has a lighter side to it, where it's about having a good time, too," Reilly says. The spot was shot at a California track, enabling the team to use most of the garage area as well as the racetrack's apron. Hunter, Reilly says, preferred to shoot in-camera, including the scene where a chicken sandwich disintegrates in the cockpit, which was achieved with a wind machine and a blue screen outside the driver's window. "[Hunter] was used to how we work, and we know how talented he is. We knew he would be able to handle this kind of stuff," Reilly says. The spot's film was treated to look aged, and the boards changed from a straight voiceover description of the chicken's role in racing to the series of interviews with old-timers. Using real people had its risks, though, as the gentleman who played Weller, whose real name is Steve Weller, is an air conditioning repairman in San Diego, and was unable to take time off work to re-record lines, forcing a team to fly to San Diego to accommodate his busy season. But there were pleasant surprises. Reilly says the penultimate shot, a side-view of the driver inhaling a chicken fry through the hole in his helmet, came out scads funnier than they had imagined on set. "We weren't counting on that, but when you see it on film, it looks so ludicrous."
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