Crunch, JetBlue Partner For In-Flight Yoga

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Over the Memorial Day weekend, Crunch Fitness found a unique way to reach stressed-out travelers when they need it the most. Through a partnership with JetBlue, the sports club placed cards demonstrating basic yoga moves in the seatback pockets on the airline's passenger flights. "The idea to promote Crunch and stress relief in airports is about two and a half years old," says Mark DiMassimo, CEO and creative director at DiMassimo Brand Advertising, Crunch's longtime agency. "We've approached other airlines with it, but it took an airline as cool as JetBlue to go with it."

The cards, rendered in the folk art style of recent Crunch campaigns, instruct passengers in "Airplane Yoga ... or how to look like a real weirdo to your fellow passengers" by walking them through four relaxation exercises that can be done in the cozy confines of coach. "As the mind is brought into stillness, you will feel stable, yet tranquil -- almost as if you're flying," the copy reads. "Oh wait, you are flying. Well, see, it's working already." And if the yoga doesn't work, Crunch is outfitting JetBlue terminals with punching bags to absorb what DiMassimo calls "classic airport frustrations." "Miss your flight?" asks one. "Traveling with your boss?" asks another.

"Crunch and JetBlue have a lot in common, because they're both iconoclasts in their category," DiMassimo says of the partnership. "They made it happen, and they made it happen very quickly."

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