David Fincher and Dave Morrison Launch Reset

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David Fincher
David Fincher Credit: Merrick Morton/Columbia

Director David Fincher and former Anonymous Content Head of Commercials Dave Morrison have launched Reset (site not yet live), a new production company based in Santa Monica, California. Fincher, the director behind critically acclaimed films including The Social Network, The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, Seven and Panic Room, as well as celebrated commercials projects for Nike, adidas, and BMW, is joined by other big screen talents like Guy Ritchie, also previously repped out of Anonymous, and Jonathan Glazer--the latter, via a tie up with London-based Academy Films, which will rep Reset directors in the U.K.

Others in the Reset lineup include Tim Miller, founder of animatio/VFX studio Blur and the man behind the gorgeous titles for The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, PES, who has directed animated spots for clients like Orange, Bacardi, Diesel andCoinstar, Nabil, who just directed Kanye West's "Mercy" music video, Markus Walter and Andre Stringer. The company's executive producer is Jeff McDougall, who has been a line producer for directors like Stacy Wall, Tom Kuntz and Stylewar, among others.

Tim Miller's opening titles for The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo

Morrison and Fincher have worked together for nearly two decades, and co-founded Anonymous with founder/CEO Steve Golin and director Gore Verbinski in 1999. With their new venture, they've set out to do things a bit differently-- thus, the company moniker. "That's a name David really liked," says Morrison. "And it's what we want to do. We've all been involved in top of the line, giant successful companies, but we think that model is really changing, if only in how you run a business. Having giant overhead is not the way to do stuff anymore. The problem with big overhead is you have to match it every month, so you can't be as selective in the work you do. David and I have seen every incarnation of it. You kind of learn what works, what doesn't, and we want to start with a blank slate and reset. We just want to be really selective of the work and not take work just because it pays the bills."

Nike's "Next Level" directed by Guy Ritchie, out of 72andSunny and Anonymous

As for what the company's angle will be, even though it represents features directors, "We're not focused on movies," Morrison says. "We're not trying to try to be all things to all people. We are just focused on high-level advertising." That could include anything from traditional spots to longer-form projects. "When we started Anonymous, BMW Films was a really good thing for us in branding the company," Morrison says. "That's the kind of thing, we still enjoy. A project like that is absolutely what we're looking to do too."

Morrison says that directors including Fincher, Miller and Ritchie are under way on jobs with "high profile" agencies and clients--names of which he can't disclose. In launching a company with a number of big screen vets, "my worry, was that our company would be called 'Unavailable,' so having Guy and Fincher active right in the beginning is really good," he says.

Going forward, Morrison says he will be looking to sign new directors, but it will be a balancing act. "You always have to have enough directors that when some go off to do films or TV shows, you still have a business. But at the same time, you don't want to have too many mouths to feed. Sometimes the problem with becoming successful is you become a sign-aholic and before you know it you have 35 directors. That's definitely something we spent a lot of time talking about--what feels like the right size. That's just got to be managed along the way, so we're trying to be very careful with who we sign and when we sign them."

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