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Agency CCO David Angelo
Agency CCO David Angelo
Los Angeles-based David&Goliath announced today it's opening a London office to serve client Kia Motors Deutschland (KMD). D&G Europe will work alongside Kia's in-house, Frankfurt-based global lead communications agency Innocean Worldwide Europe to handle media, strategic planning, account management and dealer marketing including events & fairs.

Building on a ten-year working relationship with the automotive brand here in the U.S., David&Goliath will commence work out of its London office in April. The agency has yet to announce who'll head up the new location but Creativity recently did a brief Q+A with D&G's chairman/CCO David Angelo to get his thoughts.

Knowing that Kia is the client obviously and with this shaky economy, what factors played into opening the London office?

Most companies are not thinking of expansion, in fact, most are contracting or cutting. Kia, being the challenger brand that they are, sees this as an opportunity to position itself for the future as opposed to pulling back. Their boldness and their investment in design and production facilities has given us the confidence to take this major step with them.

How will this improve growth at D&G?

It will help expand our creative thinking and "BRAVE" philosophy outside the current US mindset and allow us to tap into brands in need of challenger-type thinking on a global level.

What attracts you to Kia as a client?

Nine years ago, Kia took chance on me by allowing me to create an agency around their needs. I will do anything and everything to help them succeed. And when two challenger brands get together there's no telling what will happen.

Are there any barriers to entry in building an agency in Europe versus the U.S.?

There will always be barriers anytime one culture blends with another. But we believe that our "BRAVE" philosophy is a mindset that transcends language and cultural nuances. Ultimately, like anything, it all hinges on finding the right people and partners that share the same mindset.
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