David Shane joins O Positive

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David Shane (left) and Jim Jenkins: Which one looks more like a director?
David Shane (left) and Jim Jenkins: Which one looks more like a director?
O Positive, the new production company founded by Jim Jenkins and Ralph Laucella, today has doubled the size of its roster with the addition of director David Shane, another former Hungry Man talent.

"I love the guys at Hungry Man," says Shane. "It's a great company full of talented people, but I think there's value in mixing things up, and in continuing to challenge myself. I've always admired how Jim continues to stretch and try new things. I also buy into his philosophy about working collaboratively. It's how I like to work too. I've always found the most creative people are the most open to working that way. I think we both feel we make each other better."

"I really think the move to O Positive will make the most of his talents," adds Jenkins. Shane's oeuvre is rife with impeccable comedy and performance work, but Jenkins says the company's goals are to make the most of Shane's skills while broadening his reach to different styles. While Jenkins looks forward to collaborating with Shane on projects, he believes the director also gives the company a new kind of cred. "He really looks like a director, as opposed to me, who has more of the haggard senior account guy look," Jenkins says.
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