DDB/N.Y. Creates Pointed PSAs for YouthAIDS

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YouthAIDS: A pointed PSA.
The tagline in two new PSAs for YouthAIDS -- an organization dedicated to raising youth awarness of HIV -- is, "Why do we make bad decisions when we're naked?" And while DDB/N.Y. and Smuggler's nascent directorial collective Happy play the line literally, they don't play it for laughs -- except for, perhaps, the nervous kind.

In one spot, we see a naked young man in his kitchen. The toaster begins to smoke and he immediately pokes it with a knife. He is electrocuted and falls, presumably dead, on the floor as the tag rolls. In a second spot, we see a nude woman -- she is concealed only by shadows -- trimming her hair in the bathroom mirror when the phone rings. She runs into the hallway to get it and falls down, stabbing herself with the scissors. "Kitchen" is currently airing, while "Hallway" -- by far the more graphic of the two -- has met with some resistance on its way to rotation according to DDB executive creative director John Staffen.

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