Demons in your phone?

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If there's a spate of adolescents microwaving their cellphones in hopes of releasing screaming demon skulls, go ahead and blame Droga5. The agency, along with Smuggler's David Frankham and The Mill are behind a viral for Net10's prepaid Tracfone that's been around the Internet and back over the last week.

According to the agency, the clip has been seen over a million times on each of the three big viral arenas: YouTube, and MySpace. Some versions bear a throw to and some do not. After a disclaimer, the clip shows a tattooed guy remove his battery, place the phone in the microwave and turn the appliance on. After a short time cooking, the back of the plastic bubbles up and fills out into a disembodied, screeching head.

"We were more concerned with not the flashiness or craziness, but a certain level of coolness and scariness," says Droga5 ECD Ted Royer, who notes the bubbling plastic was something the team noticed doing 'research' microwaving phones prior to the shoot. "We wanted something that was genuinely disturbing. Horrifying is not an area that advertising generally goes into." Smuggler's David Frankham shot the spot two months ago, and it made its debut over Memorial Day weekend.
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