Deutsch Breaks BK Reality Campaign

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BK: Now with a wisecracking value menu.
This week, Deutsch/L.A. breaks what will ultimately be a 15-spot campaign for Burger King, featuring the voice of The Man Show's Adam Carolla as the chain's wisecracking Value Menu. The first outing for Deutsch since winning the value menu assignment earlier this year, the effort -- directed by Hungry Man's David Shane -- involved planting the drive-through menu in public places and having it talk back to unsuspecting people. As the tagline says, the menu "speaks for itself."

"We got all the heavy lifting done, but I think we also found a fresh delivery system," executive creative director Eric Hirshberg says of the reality format, which allowed for working a lot of product talk in with the gags. In one of four new spots, Carolla rags on a guy for going to junior college, telling him he will never be a rich man and should therefore keep the value menu in mind. In another, frustrated golfers try to tee off as the menu babbles in the background. "It was a really scary shoot," Hirshberg admits, citing the work's reliance on improvisation and plain old good luck. "We had no idea what we were really going to get."

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