Deutsch Launches Endeavor

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Mitsubishi: Another hit?
Deutsch/L.A. breaks its latest video-style Mitsubishi spot this week to introduce the 2004 Endeavor SUV. Teasers begin airing today with two 30-second spots breaking later in the week.The effort spotlights the vehicle as seen from the outside, with people in storefronts turning to gawk at the new car.

As always, the soundtrack is supplied by a band that isn't famous now, but will be soon. In this case, the act is Overseer -- a project led by Leeds, England-based producer DJ Dr. Chug, aka Rob Overseer -- and the track is called "Horn Dog." Overseer's heavy techno has previously appeared in commercials for Michelob, Smirnoff and Sony; the features Snatch and Any Given Sunday; and in the trailer for The Animatrix, a series of animated shorts inspired by The Matrix. Overseer's first full-length album, Wreckage, is slated to be released by Sony this month.

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