Deutsch Launches New Snapple Campaign

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A new campaign for Snapple launches today out of Deutsch/N.Y., and unlike the agency's previous campaigns for the brand, which featured anthropomorphic fruit, this one brings the bottles to life -- sort of. The mission of the new campaign, according to ACD/copywriter David Rosen, was to "get Snapple back to being grassroots and homemade, back to the quirky feeling it had when it first came out and you felt like it was a small company."

Accordingly, the bottles don't exactly come to life. They're just inserted into life-like situations. They throw house parties and spy on the girls' locker room and are abducted by UFOs. "Going into it we were like, 'They're bottles. They don't have arms. They don't have eyes. They're bottles and we made a skit with them.'" And that's exactly how Rosen and partner Scott Bassen initially pitched the idea to the client, by presenting an impromptu puppet show starring Snapple bottles. "We went over there and said this is our big idea," Rosen says. "Let us create with this."

The results are hilarious and jarring. None of the spots reach 30-seconds. Instead they've been packaged as :15s, :10s and even :05s that set up a scenario and a climax before ending abruptly with a cut to a Snapple bottlecap and the distinctive pop of its vacuum seal. "We wanted to get in there, do something surprising and get out," Rosen says. "To connect with younger consumers who see through a lot of advertising, we wanted it to be honest and not too ad-y," adds Bassen. "In contrast to the big boys who are running million dollar spots with pop stars and explosions and feature film production, these spots are totally against that."

Additional credits to Bob Industries' directing team Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, editor Jonathan Smalheiser at 3 Fingered Louie, New York, and music house Duotone.

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