DGA Shocker: Kerstetter Wins!

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When Creativity talked to Black Rocket CD Bob Kerstetter, shortly after he was announced as being among the nominees for the DGA's 2001 Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials honor, he made a prediction. "I will not win that award," he said. Few would have disagreed. Pitted against commercial workhorses like Joe Pytka, Joe Public, Baker Smith and Craig Gillespie, his inclusion -- he only directs one or two spots a year -- seemed like an amusement, something that caused Kerstetter himself to "burst out laughing."

But something really funny happened at the DGA Awards dinner on Saturday night. Kerstetter won. He wasn't even there, but he won, beating out Pytka and Public and Smith and Gillespie, on the strength of a single, albeit artful, Black Rocket campaign for Musco olives directed via Tool of North America. Understandably, the early reaction in the production industry has been one of puzzlement. "It's like when Sting won the Grammy for Best Jazz Album," quips one industry wag. Kerstetter could not be reached for comment.

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