An Andy Awards Judge's final thoughts from New Orleans

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This year, the International ANDY Awards held their judging in the perfect city, New Orleans. The city of seduction.... the home of Mardi Gras.

As in every awards show, we spent the first couple of days short-listing the work and then sat as a group discussing that shortlist. What I really liked about the judging process with the ANDYs is that unlike other shows, all 24 judges from all different disciplines in our business looked at all the work in different categories.

Gatorade Replay, Johnny Walker Keep Walking, Hyundai Assurance and House of Cards were pieces that stood out for me. I would trade all my awards and my portfolio for just these four. They have everything: intelligence, beauty and humor. I could easily marry any one of them.

But hey, you can't marry four pieces of work. You have to choose one.

There was a lot of spirited discussion not only about the work, but also about the industry itself and how it's propelling forward. Digital versus traditional, the emergence of new media and so on. It became blatantly obvious that we have gone full circle. A great execution alone does not make for a great piece of work and, at the end of the day, a big idea is what wins us over.

I also think we were a little too severe on the print category. The work was judged as part of a bigger platform, and if it didn't belong to larger campaign, it suffered a little.

I'm really not sure where our industry is headed, but I know where I'm going now, on my last day here...for my morning run in the French Quarter and then along the Mississippi.

It was an honor to be amongst such a diverse, fair and passionate group of judges in one of the best shows I've judged so far. Thanks to all who voted for me on elect the jury. Not only did I come back with a signed Shepard Fairey print, I sat arms-length away from Beyonce at a Jay-Z concert.
See the work that made the Andy Awards' short list on the Andys site.
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