Digital Domain Acquired by Wyndcrest Holdings

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VFX powerhouse Digital Domain was acquired on Tuesday by investment group Wyndcrest Holdings, a firm based in South Florida and led by director Michael Bay and investor John Textor. Digital Domain CEO Scott Ross stepped down and was replaced by Wyndham principal Carl Stork, who is a former executive at Microsoft. C. Bradley Call remains president and COO, while Bay and Textor will lead the board of directors. According to Ed Ulbrich, Executive Producer of commercials and music videos, the change will not affect commercial production. "In terms of the day-to-day here, there are really no changes. At least not in the immediate future. In our core services business, commercials and VFX for feature films, ultimately it's a very good thing-- the best possible thing that could have happened to Digital Domain-- because these guys are very savvy businessmen, and they're very geared towards growing the business. The ultimate goal is to produce our own films. They help us tell a good story on Wall Street and have great credibility. They're dead set to make it happen. Their strategy is our strategy."
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