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Following a fruitful awards season for its Why So Serious? Dark Knight alternate reality game, 42 Entertainment has created an online movement for a missing person, a real 1980s arcade and a black-light scavenger hunt for another cult sequel: Tron: Legacy.

Last Tuesday, days before San Diego Comic-Con, a collection of movie bloggers each received a FedEx package containing two tokens for Flynn's Arcade and an animated gif on an unbranded flash drive. In anticipation of the premier gathering of sci-fi freaks and cult movie fans and the 2010 Tron sequel, these clues added up to the 1982 film's Kevin Flynn, who had worked in an arcade. And that was the beginning of Disney's Tron: Legacy alternate reality game, which has led to a pop-up 1980s video arcade in downtown San Diego. In a cross-blog effort, fans combined the gifs from the various bloggers' posts to create a web page that revealed a code, which was then deciphered to reveal the message "Flynn Lives." With this clue, fans discovered (above), a site for a movement dedicated to finding Kevin Flynn. The site contained a timeline of major events since Flynn's disappearance in 1989, as well as supporting clippings from fake news sources. The site also contained a timer counting down to 9:30PM on Thursday, July 23, the first night of Comic-Con.

Buried in the site's terms of use, is a San Diego address that corresponds to the return address on the initial packages to bloggers. So, fans gathered at the designated time and place, and were greet by a Tron street team that sent them out on a scavenger hunt. The participants were given black lights, which would reveal secret codes on "Flynn Lives" posters planted throughout the city.

The hunt led to a storefront with a neon Flynn's sign. Once inside the pop-up arcade, fans could play 1980s video games for free, including Tron. And at one point, a wall opened up to a secret passage way leading to a Light Cycle (a souped up motorcycle from the movie). Find photos from inside the arcade here.

The effort also includes another site, Home of Tron, the url engraved on the arcade tokens.

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