Easter Eggs Abound in British Xbox 360 Spot

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Xbox 360
Xbox 360 "Easter Egg"
Looks like utter domination of the console gaming landscape wasn't enough for the Xbox 360, as Microsoft's prized new unit has invaded the realm of interactive television advertising—via that little red button on the remotes of British digital interactive TV customers. A new spot airing on the U.K.'s Sky network contains a frenetic video which can be accessed by pressing the red "interactive" button on digital remotes, treating the viewer to a fast-paced showcase of the Xbox 360's high-end graphics, games and features.

But London-based DiTV agency Weapon7 didn't stop there, taking the "easter egg" theme even further by layering a hidden game within the video. By hitting certain buttons on the remote's keypad, viewers can advance through a series of increasingly difficult levels, with the highest scores being awarded the honor of being registered on the spot itself. "The challenge was to engage two different audiences: the digital entertainment lifestyle players for whom the Xbox 360 is about digital entertainment like gaming, music, DVDs, etc., and the gamers who are primarily driven by gaming power and quality," explains Weapon7 creative partner Simon Smith. "The video was designed to show off the 360's appeal to the players who wanted to know more about the console, and the hidden element was designed to appeal further to the gamers who already understand what the console offers, but whom we wanted to further engage in the brand."
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