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Thanks to Wikipedia scanner, anyone can use newly connected identification methods to see which IP address anonymous Wikipedia edits originated from, bringing a measure of accountability to a previously rough 'n rowdy set of documents. We decided to put a few agency names into the scanner and see who's been tinkering with what. Bear in mind these changes just come from computers hooked to the company's network, and only include anonymous editors, not official user names, so they may have been made by anyone from the CEO to a tech savvy cat burgler.

The Good: We found no terribly egregious misstatements of fact, and in many cases information on Wikipedia was clarified, proofread or expanded based on agency contributions.

The Bad: Most agencies participated in slight buffing on behalf of clients, adding details on new campaigns, pumping up product descriptions with campaign slogans and linking to agency-created microsites on the product's page. There's been continuous jockeying to redefine what an advertising agency is. And an epic clean-up job by Agency.com on its 'viral marketing' tactics.

The Weird: People have some strange extracurricular interests. Read on.

Crispin, Porter and Bogusky

The Good: Someone at the agency lobbied against the deletion of the Subservient Chicken page, citing a Wired article and saying "this site is changing the entire advertising industry."

The Bad: On March 27, 2007, well before the relationship with ConAgra ended, "Snapalope are...thirty-one inches tall and are made entirely out of Slim Jims." was changed to "Snapalope are...thirty-one inches tall and are made entirely out of greasy, nasty, artificial Slim Jims, which are actually mostly processed chicken and slurry."

The Weird: Wisdom was added to the page for the soft drink Tahitian Treat: "a tahitian treat is a term used to describe a sexual practice where a man climbs a palm tree and retrieves a coconut, then he proceeds to have intercourse with the tropical fruit. Upon finishing, the man returns the coconut (now infused with ejaculate) back into the tree for some unsuspecting thirsty bypasser to get a complete facial. "Freeeeee gums forever!" was added 20-something times into the page on Jonathan Swift's Tale of the Tub.

TBWA (quite a few members of the network)

The Good: Someone added detail to the alcohol advertising entry, changing "Advertising must encourage responsible drinking" to "Advertising must not encourage irresponsible drinking." Also explaining "recently, the FTC has become involved in investigations of several alcohol brands in the US who are advertising in media that have a questionable audience composition (poissibly (sic) less than 70% above the legal drinking age). Concerns exist that irresponsible advertising practices or "pushing the envelope" with audience composition may lead to permanent legislation governing the advertising of beverage alcohol."

The Bad: "Robert Smiley and the folks at TBWA are currently trying to make a brand new campaign that will replace the much-loved bottle campaign. Sounds absolutely impossible to us." was inserted into the entry for Absolut vodka, removed, also by someone at the agency's IP address, one week later.

The Weird: Multiple edits from TBWA/Singapore shaped the page of Belgian synth-pop group Connexion. The Hilton HHonors entry was altered so one of the Diamond VIP benefits included: "6 free prostitutes of varying age and skill."


The Good:Not a lot of client puffing or gratuitous ego stroking going on, despite 526 edits made.

The Bad:Way too many references to The Grateful Dead. This isn't too bad, but seriously, "tapping the flesh keg"?

The Weird:Someone decided to wax on the various opinions of mouth breathing and how to properly identify a swirlie. Just make sure both don't happen at the same time.

Leo Burnett

The Good:There are 33 separate edits to the Street Fighter III entry. Thirty-three. also, a common sense tip for anyone finding themselves suffering from the meat sweats.

The Bad:A little too much hype for one-time man musk client Old Spice.

DDB (again, multiple offices)

The Good: Expanding the entry on the Bleach bypass filmic technique.

The Bad: Adding client Merck's site, HPV.com, to the site containing information on the Human papillomavirus virus; flogging an LG/Verizon phone on the page of My Fair Brady star Adrienne Curry, Charles in Charge's Scott Baio and 90210's Shannon Doherty, expressing true feelings about Australia's National Party.

The Weird: Insight into the origins of the lap dance; extensive edits to the Miss Universe 2007 page from DDB, Philippines; the origins of snowmen.

Go ahead, try it yourself. Check out the Ogilvy network, JWTor BBDO. Post anything fishy in the Forums.
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