Emotions Run High In D&AD Black Pencil Judging Video

Emotions Run High In D&AD Black Pencil Judging Video

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If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at awards judging, here's a chance to find out.

D&AD has released a video revealing some of what went on behind the scenes in this year's Black Pencil judging process. The video, featuring U.K. advertising luminaries such as John Hegarty, Tiger Savage and Tim Lindsay, as well as clients such as Channel 4's Chris Bovill and Ian Tait of Google Creative Labs, shows snippets of what went on as judges mulled over work such as The Guardian's Three Little Pigs, McCann Melbourne's Dumb Ways To Die and 4Creative's Superhumans spot (the latter two were among the eventual winners).

There were clearly tensions, or as judge Mike Reed says diplomatically, "disagreements in the nicest possible way" as they picked throught the entries. One piece of work moved Tait to tears, while others got feisty over their favorites ("If it's not a pencil, I'm not sure I know what is", declares one judge).

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