Fallon Launches And 1 Campaign

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Tomorrow, Fallon/New York unveils the first clip in a four-spot branding campaign for basketball gear manufacturer And 1. The spot is based on an anecdote told to the Fallon creative team of Paul Malmstrom and Linus Karlsson by Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Garnett. In it, Garnett plays all alone in the rain, surrounded by imaginary players and paparazzi, and his jersey appears in flames -- an allusion to a night when his mother set one like it ablaze because KG refused to come in out of the rain.

Since And 1 is a client of Fallon's creatively gutted New York office, the spot was, understandably, a collaboration with Minneapolis HQ. New York CD Kevin Roddy shares ECD credit with Minneapolis' David Lubars on the work and the other key creatives -- Malmstrom and Karlsson -- are based in the Twin Cities.

True to the brand's street cred, the spot features a track from hip-hop producer Timbaland and hard-edged lyrics from rapper Styles. The clip also marks the spot debut of music video director Chris Robinson, who shot the spot via Partizan.

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