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Bahamas Ministry of Tourism - 'Monte'
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism - 'Monte'
Lyle can't stop yelling and forgets his son's name from time to time, and Monte looks about as excited at winning the lottery as he would for his next prostate exam. Meanwhile, Maureen beat up a kid's soccer coach and Malcolm's so white his nickname is Count Chalkula. According to Fallon Minneapolis, all four need their loved ones to perform an intervention-style vacation suggestion dubbed a Bahamavention. The approach is unique in a category that has long featured hand-in-hand beach strolls and sunset scenery to sell. "The competition asks, 'Where do you want to go on vacation?'" says Todd Riddle, Fallon's group creative director. "We ask a different question: 'Why do you want to go on vacation?' So we are tapping into the emotional motivation for getting away." One look at the emotion etched on Monte's face shows the value of such a suggestion. The campaign features four spots directed by Moxie's Martin Granger, a 30 minute infomercial spoof, various print ads and Bahamavention.com.
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