FCB, DeepMix Rock for Coors Light

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Coors Light: Rock around the clock.
In the newest Coors Light spot from FCB/Chicago -- the agency that brought us the now famous twins in a spot called "Here's To Love Songs" -- the brewer salutes those who rock, not with one song, but with four. The anthem, directed by A Band Apart's Wayne Isham, is backed by a mix fashioned from four different tracks: "King of Rock" by DMC of Run DMC, "Rock the Party" by P.O.D., "So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star" by The Byrds, and the Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane."

"Between the agency and myself we came up with a list of songs that we really liked," says Dave Curtin of DeepMix, the Hollywood-based music house that created the track as well as a remix of Tom Jones' "She's A Lady" for an earlier Coors spot. "The agency wanted to see what it would sound like to blend songs together. And of course the theme was rock. We kept submitting versions until we found one that worked." The original list of "rock" songs also included tracks from The Clash and AC/DC, and Curtin says he had several remixers work on the project, picking and choosing the songs they wanted to use. The final version, created by Curtin and noted ambient producer Rhys Fulber, was complete before shooting began and was used on the set. And yes, it does rock.

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