Feedbag: A Tribute to Randy Cohen and more

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  • Tribute to Randy Cohen From Aaron Reitkopf at kirshenbaum bond + partners:
    As many of you know, Randy loved Brazil. He loved the Brazilian spirit, the beach, the heat, and the warmth and attitude of the people there. Most of all, to him, Brazil captured the idea of living and enjoying the moment.

    So, please join us on Tuesday, May 20th from 3 - 6 pm at SOB's (200 Varick Street) to pay tribute to our friend and family member.

    We encourage you to bring stories to share as we gather to celebrate someone so loved by so many. We also invite you to share this with others in the industry who might want to join us.

    Additionally, a fund is being set up for Randy's daughter, Mikaela. For those interested in donating, checks should be made out to "Mikaela Cohen Education Account" and sent to the following address:

    Mikaela Cohen Education Account
    c/o Chris Mozolewski
    kirshenbaum bond + partners
    160 Varick Street
    NY, NY 10013

  • In the realm of kooky exxxtreme sports, hangboarding may just be the King Kook. Resembling a behind-the-middle-school meeting between hand gliding and snowboarding, this new sport looks like a recipe for horrific facial disfigurement and chronic back ache. Catch the fever!

  • If you asked Yutaka Tsujino what color his parachute is, he'd probably say, "The color that sucks" The former Crispin, Porter & Bogusky creative recently landed a job at Seattle-based shop Creature after sending this email to agency co-founder and creative director Jim Haven:

    Subject: Very Very bad Japanese Creative

    Hello Jim,

    Unfortunately, you may have heard the world's worst creative, Yutaka Tsujino, already. He has left Crispin Porter after 2 years of disastrous career and now is seeking a job. One of our members just found out he's very attracted by your agency, Creature. That's why we thought it urgent to send this email to you.

    We strongly hope that you have a time to check www.yutakasucks.com. This site will assure you of the simple fact that Yutaka sucked, sucks and will always suck.

    Once you agree with us about Yutaka, please send us a note. We're willing to send you a T-shirt that says "Yutaka Sucks" in Japanese, his mother language. Wearing it is the easiest way to keep him away from you.

    Thank you for hating him.

    One of Yutaka haters
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