Feedbag: The Berrics Calls Out BBDO, Bogusky Twitters and more

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  • One of our favorite skate stops on these interwibbles has uncovered a damning document that goes a long way to prove a Snickers spot has completely ripped off the opening scene of Lakai's Fully Flared skate video. It's even more blatant than this incident where Chevy was inspired by the same 2007 skate flick directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jonze. Not sure there could be a worse way to court skaters than to rip off their favorite video. Snickers, you're delicious, but for this you deserve a time out in the shame cave.

  • At first we thought it was a goof ("I'm pitting out. Some days I have a heavier underarm flow than others and I dont know why. Looking forward to a lighter flow day tomorrow"), but it appears bogusky is actually Alex himself. @bogusky, you're doing great, but if in doubt, let THE_REAL_SHAQ be your guide. the_real_nash won't get jealous. You're already way better than BobJeffreyJWT.

  • Check out these video excerpts from the BBC's Imagine, featuring designer Marc Newson.

  • Muller's New Zealand twist on an American classic cracks us up every time. Much like the show itself.
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