Feedbag: Blek Le Rat and The Thermals

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  • Jamie O'Shea's Supertouch blog posts some sweet snaps from veteran French street artist (or Banksy 1.0) Blek Le Rat's first solo American show, held at Shepard Fairey's new Subliminal Projects Gallery in L.A. Stop by if you're in the area.

  • A big day here in the 'bag for Monsieur Le Rat. If the above post raised your eyebrow, be sure to check this interview with the artist himself.

  • Portland-based Sub Poppers The Thermals perform atop Pitchfork.tv's NYC offices for the debut of "Don't Look Down," the new video site's rooftop concert show. Never heard of this newfangled buffet of musical video action? Read more here.
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