Feedbag: Classic Patents, Behind a Significant Object and Talking like Warren Ellis

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  • A Continuous Lean drops a (typically) great post about a new Google feature that allows users to search through the U.S. Patent Office archives. Check out the original drawings for the LL Bean boot, Zippo lighter and Filson shirt. Hmmm, wonder if the ShamWow's in there? One can dream.

  • For many, the key to good fiction is in the details. In this Significant Objects entry -- where writers ascribe fictional histories to objects which are then put up for auction on eBay -- by Tom Bartlett, it's the magic of vagueness: "I worked as a manager at a well-known electronic supply retailer in a mostly vacant strip mall on the outskirts of a medium-sized metropolitan area located in the southeastern United States..."

  • Not everyone can tweet like the English writer, but at least now you can pretend to. Our last attempt? "Good afternoon, horsepersons of the apocalypse."
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