Feedbag: Cuil, Get FISA Right and Eyeblaster

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  • Ex-Google staffer Anna Patterson, who created the TeraGoogle indexing system that's still used by the search titan today and husband Tom Costello have launched a search engine all their own with Cuil (pronounced "cool"). With $33 million in financing behind it, Cuil reportedly indexes approximately 120 billion web pages. But while some industry folks state that there is no immediate threat to Google or any other big search site like MSN or Yahoo, the buzz before and ensuing traffic on its July 28th launch date caused Cuil.com's servers to crash by late that afternoon (though it's back up and running now).

  • If you're a 4th amendment advocate and oppose Dubya's legalization of warrantless wiretapping, online grassroots organization Get FISA Right and SaysMe.TV are giving you a platform to voice your opinion. Protesters can launch their own local TV ad in one of eight (soon to be 22) cable markets around the country for as little as $6 by following Get FISA's step-by-step process.

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    Digital advertising service provider Eyeblaster released its 30-page 2007 summary of rich media implementation and usage across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Various color-coded charts and graphs break down the percentages of each region using metrics including ROI and interaction rates as well as the popularity of different verticals and the size of rich media ads. Go ahead, nerd out on stats, we'll avert our eyes.
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