Feedbag: Damien Hirst Lays Off Workers and more

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  • Seems even setting a Sotheby's auction record this past September by selling a collection for $198 million wasn't enough to save 17 folks from losing their jobs at the wildly successful artist's studio. What's formaldehyde go for by the gallon?

  • A veteran action sports photographer, Serfas unveils his first solo show dubbed 1000 @f5.6 at Vancouver's Red Bull lounge this Friday. For more slide show action and a Q&A, go here.

  • Ever try to take a break from the mindless frat chatter and get 10 of the bros at the bar to take Prairie Fire shots at the same time? Sure, then Sully spills it on his replica jersey, Susan barfs a little and drops the glass, while Bruce gets distracted by GoldenTee and misses the "3, 2, 1" countdown. Well, now there's ShotSticks! These bizarro pieces of plastic will make sure that everyone takes their tiny bombs of booze at exactly the same time. Huzzah!
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