Feedbag: Drunk History and Some Special Sneakers

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  • We can't remember where we read about these but a huge thanks to whomever pointed this golden nugget of a series out to us. Remember those days in college when you'd just sit around pouring booze down your throat and debating the finer points of democracy, genetic research and foosball tactics? Well, get ready for a treat as these drunken scholars narrate three episodes of American history while actors like Michael Cera, Jack Black and Danny McBride act them out.

  • The skate shoe brand teamed up with artist Aaron Rose, director of Beautiful Losers, as a part of its ongoing artist projects series. The limited edition kicks, available at a choice few retailers around the U.S., were released on July 17th with a shindig at LA motorbike shop Choke.

  • "Haaaay you guys!" Now here's a pair of shoes that says, I may love Mama Fratelli but I still like a good jog from time to time. From the waaaaaaaaay out of left field department of footwear comes this Goonies edition Puma Disc Blaze shoe. You're sure to feel like a Sloth-like superstar rolling down the block in these. Or just someone in hideous sneakers. (Thanks, Hypebeast.)
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