Feedbag: Eating Quiznos on Playboy.com, Downloading Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse, and Watching The Berrics on NBC

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  • Not that anything would really surprise us after the Perv-O-Matic Oven, but this comes pretty close. Playboy enlisted two models to eat a sandwich under the banner of "2 Girls, 1 Sub." Yep. In a statement, the storied gentlemen's mag said the brand wasn't involved, saying "In tough economic times, more people than ever are turning to fast food options as a way to stretch their paycheck. Playboy.com has taken note of this trend with its own 'video salute' to lunchtime. The site's editors recognized that Quiznos seems to have a good sense of humor about their brand, and didn't hesitate in selecting them as one of the best bargains out there." But in this newfangled world of branded content, would anyone have been surprised if the maker of the toasty tube-wiches had sponsored it?

  • Here's a stream by which to tickle your ears with the tender tunage of this highly anticipated, cameo-laden record. By now you may have heard that, due to a dispute with EMI, the producer and group decided against a traditional release and instead encourage fans to download the album by any means necessary. The only thing available for sale is an accompanying book, featuring photos by one of the record's many contributors David Lynch, that comes with a blank CD.

  • Pro skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston's site has gained a cult following in a relatively short time and it's no wonder. Using the web series "Wednesdays with Reda" in which a camera follows rapid-mouthed, Brooklyn-bred skate photographer Giovanni Reda in his weekly adventures, The Berrics recently chronicled Reda's road to appearing on the season finale of NBC's My Name is Earl. Leading up to the cameo, Reda met with a collection of "acting coaches" that included actors Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Bill Pullman, Michael Rappaport, Patrick Fugit and Martin Starr. What does any of this have to do with skateboarding? Who cares when it delivers laughs this good? High fives to Johnny Bartender...
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