Feedbag: Facebook Flick?

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  • It seems that Aaron Sorkin, he of The West Wing, Charlie Wilson's War and plenty else, is now in the process of scripting a film based on the founding of Facebook. So not only can you enjoy being friended by that random guy from your Grade 10 French class, you'll soon be able to pay $12 to watch a dramatization of how a few youngsters made millions making that "friending" possible. Hooray? Well, just in case, we may have to bring our own snacks.

  • Over at Kitsune Noir, Bobby Solomon has posted a video interview of Brazilian artist Bruno 9li that seems to be part of a branded effort by Brazil booze brand Sagitaba. Definitely worth checking out, though seeing as our Portugese has never gone beyond joga bonito, it's a bit hard to look at all the art while still reading the subtitles.

  • FecalFace brings us this look behind artist Jeremy Fish's ... er, enhanced vinyl toy dubbed Barry the Beaver.

  • Russell Davies' Open Intelligence Agency is bringing the multi-topic Interesting conference to New York on September 13th. Tickets are available; rumor has it our own Nick Parish is set to deliver a treatise on fermented beverages.
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