Feedbag: Free Beer, Chessboxing and a Hockey Song

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  • As anyone with much knowledge of European football knows, Austria doesn't really belong among the continent's elite. But as a host nation of Euro 2008, it got a free pass into the competition and, rightfully so, its fans aren't holding out much hope for a trophy. So, to add a little incentive for the Austrian players, a Vienna beer company has offered up a lifetime supply of beer for any one of them that scores a goal. What else do little kids dream of when practicing their corner kicks?

  • It's chess. It's boxing. It's Chessboxing. Yes, combine the cerebral challenge of chess with the head-pounding punishment of boxing, alternated in four and three minute rounds, respectively, and you've got the best mind/body sport combo since 19th Century German Opera Pole Vaulting.

  • Last week, Canadian hockey fans went nuts when it was suggested that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was losing the rights to the tune for its Hockey Night In Canada broadcast forever. Well, it turns out that's just what happened except that instead of never hearing the song again, Canadians will just have to change the channel. Rival network CTV has bought the song's rights. To give non-Canadians an idea of how important this song is, it falls somewhere between Anne Murray, ketchup chips and the national anthem on the unofficial Things Canadian Love list.
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