Feedbag: Subtitude, Free Ricky Gervais, and Banned Album Covers

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  • We're not entirely sure what this Montreal-based site's name means (a quick dictionary consultation yielded no further clues) but we do know we dig the t-shirts and typographical titillations from la belle province. (Merci, Dirty Mouse.)

  • Sit back, relax and just take in this free preview of the fifth edition of Gervais' audiobook series which, if you haven't heard of before now, has sold bajillions of copies on iTunes for reasons that will soon be apparent after you plop down $2 for one of them. Two words: Karl. Pilkington. Two more words: Shaved. Chimp.

  • A nice little collection of albums covers that were banned at some point or another in at least one country. It's a pretty eclectic mix that includes (but not limited to) curiously large amount of toilet sensitivity, some basic nudity, bloody babies and John Lennon's johnson. (Thanks, kottke.org)
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