Feedbag: G.I. Joe After Hours, World Sauna Championships and an Absolut Toronto

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  • With the likes Julianne Moore, Henry Rollins, Billy Crudup, Zach Galifianakis and more, we get a peek at what the new G.I. Joe could have been. I guess knowing IS half the battle.

  • This isn't some New Age recruitment tape featuring life altering hot yoga techniques. No, THIS is a short doc about a champion. A sauna champion. It's a bit like When We Were Kings, except instead of boxing it's men sitting in hot wood boxes. And instead of Ali vs. Foreman, it's a hair-farmed Finnish dude in banana hammocks and a naked girl tattoo vs. five other fleshy, middle-aged Finns. Other than that, same same.

  • Broadbent chronicles his adventure of creating his Absolut World installation in Toronto, which is being unveiled today.
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