Feedbag: Gaming, Ghostly and Greatness on the Riviera

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  • Michigan electronic music label Ghostly International and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim have teamed up on Ghostly Swim, a cultural exchange of sorts which brings the network a 19-song online mixtape of music and label designer Michael Segal's BoyCatBird illustrations to life on the network.

  • As entries close (due tomorrow!), JWT worldwide CCO and this year's Film & Press chair Craig Davis has a little bit of advice for you.

  • Mario Kart for the Wii and Grand Theft Auto IV both make their debut this week. Relentless sex and gore or cartoon fun, it's a Sophie's choice of videogaming. Whichever edition of the two franchises you choose devote the next 60 hours of your free time to says a lot about your lack of a life. (We kid! We love them both.)
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