Feedbag: Google Phone Sequel, Velib Vandals and more

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  • Vodaphone and Google unveiled the first touchscreen Android phone, a snazzy lil' number called the HTC Magic. Over at the Beeb, witness some video evidence of the new device.

  • Well, anyone with even a shred of prankster in their childhood past would've seen this coming, but the popular (and much hyped) Parisian bike rental system is suffering from high volumes of vandalism and bike theft. Over half the 15,000 bike fleet has disappeared in the program's first 18 months of operation, presumably due to theft. Alas, it seems another great idea has been bitten by the dark side of human nature. Then there's these guys.

  • Apparently, even Peter Griffin isn't immune to the temper of pop culture's latest Terminator.
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