Feedbag: Interactive graffiti, Polaroid resurrected and Gawker trickery.

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  • Digital artist Lukasz Karluk (Holler) and Sydney-based sculptor Maddi Boyd (KissKiss) recorded nine street artists painting layer after layer on one wall over four days. The result is a life-sized video piece, displayed next to the wall itself, which captures the process of multiple artists painting over one another on a single graffiti space.

  • The New York Times has the story of two Dutch scientists who are trying to keep the old-school photography alive.

  • The Business Insider reported news that the website network had acquired Bloodcopy, a blog that turned out to be part of an ad campaign for HBO's second season of "True Blood." Insider retracted the story and is more than a little miffed about the error. (If they'd only seen our site on Friday.)
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