Feedbag: Jeremy Fish, Rodco Vans and the future of stationary cycling.

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  • We've always liked Mr. Fish's mix of mythology and comic style and by the looks of this, his latest show at Fifty24SF is a sweet mix of each.

  • The fine folks at Rodco invite you to .. ahem... "Shift into something more comfortable" in these absolutely classic print ads. Doesn't really do much to dispel the 1970s stereotype of the marauding van perverts our moms always warned us about. We especially like the "Pub" model -- "Finally the cheery comfort and privacy of the oldest English pubs is available to go." Because who needs to actually go to the bar if you can just drive around town getting tanked and heckling girls in a van, right? You stay classy, Rodco.

  • Looking for that perfect holiday gift that says, "Yeah, actually, you have gained a little in the middle" to that design-conscious special someone? Well, here's your answer.
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