Feedbag: Paul Smith, Michel Gondry and Spooky Tunes

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  • Where does design flattery end and plain ol' copying begin? The Barbarian Group's Robert Hodgin ponders this and a few other questions after discovering a familiar image at a Paul Smith store.

  • The swede-happy director has been seen filming outside his very own home in Williamsburg. Some say it's a music video, but who knows? Could just be an obscenely unsubtle security camera set-up. Or a commercial. Any ideas?

  • What's a holiday based on celebrating the undead without a proper collection of musical accompaniment? Well, first off, it's just not as peppy. So, whether you plan on dressing up as a sexy version of an otherwise mundane job occupation, baking cupcakes with orange icing and bringing them to work for all those who may not have caught the All Hallow's Eve fever as bad as you, or just sitting on couch to watch Jamie Lee Curtis scream her way into your heart -- this one's for you.
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