Feedbag: The Shaq Twitter, Pepsi Manifesto and more

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  • Just when you thought it couldn't get easier to like the guy (or at least read his endless library of quotes), Shaquille O'Neal goes and gets a Twitter account. With more than 61,000 followers and entries such as, "Im tryn talk steve nash into joining twitter" and "Some rumors are planted for a reaction, i dnt react, i act , have u seen kazaam, i kno terrible, lol," there's no telling how much gold this could yield.

  • Anyone trying to portray marketing and advertising as not completely full of donkey dung got dealt a major blow by the release of this (reportedly) real document "explaining" the new Pepsi logo. Beyond a look back at "tracing the Pepsi DNA" and the Golden Ratio of design, it also dutifully compared the "Pepsi Globe" to Earth's Geodynamo and the "Pepsi Energy Fields" to the Earth's magnetic fields... at which point we decided to shove an ice pick into our ear.

  • Hilco Consumer Capital has invested $20 million in House of Marley LLC to find new and exciting ways to capitalize on the deceased reggae artists' image and cut down on the amount of counterfeit merch sold around the world. One of the company's first priorities is creating Marley Lager, a Jamaican beer featuring Marley's likeness. Among the cornucopia of other products the company hoped to market using Marley was snowboards. Yes, snowboards. Because when I think of the message behind songs like "Get Up, Stand Up," I think of gliding down corporately-owned mountains of snow with crowds of rich, white people.
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