Feedbag: Sk8face, Shawn Barber and Caprica

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  • With the popularity of skateboard graphics and the many artists who've gone from deck bottoms to galleries shows, it was only a matter of time before someone made a doc about it. Here is Sk8face, and it boasts interviews with the likes of Andy Jenkins, Chris Pastras, Tommy Guerrerro, CR Stecyk, Shepard Fairey and more.

  • Take a dip into the work of artist Shawn Barber... He just opened a new show at Billy Shire in L.A. last weekend called "Tattooed Portraits," so if you're in the area be sure to drop by and check it out for those of us stuck on the other coast. Also, another worthy bit is the Fecal Face studio tour with Barber and Henry Lewis.

  • Time for any Battlestar Galactica nerds out there to begin panicked speculation over the direction of the upcoming BSG prequel, Caprica. We're saving our judgment until we've seen a few episodes but color us intrigued by the inclusion of such storied acting chops as Eric Stoltz and the slutty mom from Rome.
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