Feedbag: Super Cities, Soccer Democracy and "Dude!"

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  • Here's an interesting study to be conducted — what will the urbanification of the earth look like? Where will it happen? Will I be able to find a decent apartment? At least someone's looking for answers. Still, it seems Luc Besson was right and the world is, in fact, headed toward Fifth Element territory.

  • A British football fan site has agreed in principal to buy a pro team. It's just like all those times you piled a few bucks together with friends for a case a beer, except this time it's with about 20,000 friends and the beer is actually a soccer club. This could either be the greatest sports development in recent memory or ... you know ... the worst.

  • "Dude, you're getting a three bean enchilada and a Dos Equis!" Enjoy another exciting episode of "When Your 15 Minutes Are Up."

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