Feedbag: Tweeted Weather, Vintage Beer Cans and Ikea's Concept Car

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  • Smalltalk mines tweets for weather words like sunny, foggy and windy, and maps the mini weather reports according to the twitterer's location. Each weather condition has been assigned a color and cities across the U.S. are marked by halos the color of the dominant descriptors--the more like reports, the bigger the halo. Thanks rubbishcorp.

  • Lance Wilson and Dan Becker have photographed a collection of more than 2,000 vintage beer cans--some of these empties have been around for 70 years. via Dieline.

  • A French Ikea site made the blog rounds yesterday with news of LEKO, an eco-friendly modular concept car that'll be unveiled in a few days. The lack of details or information in English has engulfed the microsite in an air of mystery. Ikea communications is mum on the topic, which means we'll just have to wait until the site's clock counts down shortly before April 1. Hmmm...comment dit-on "April Fools" en francais?
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