Feedbag: Wayne Miller, Le Coq Sportif and a happy Beaver

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  • Photographer Wayne Miller talks about his photos from 1940s Southside of Chicago, with a Muddy Waters soundtrack.

  • The sports Coc... er, Rooster offers up a cornucopia of web media fun bits. C'est bon, non?

  • San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Fish has added some extra functionality to the traditional "artist edition" vinyl toy with a buzzing, friendly beaver named Barry. As Fish puts it in a note to customers, "We all know paying a lot of money for one of these stupid vinyl statues is a huge waste of time, energy and space. Why not buy something you can actually play with? Not to mention, he makes great company... or you can continue to fill your dusty shelves with more worthless blobs of plastic with some cool art heroes [sic] name on the box. Your call."
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